Care of Jewellery

Some suggestions to maintain the look of your jewellery:

To preserve the look of your jewellery keep it away from perfumes, hairspray, moisturisers and chlorine as much as is possible. The chemicals can affect the metal and cause tarnishing. Clean jewellery with luke warm water, a soft toothbrush if needed and a little soap to remove any products. Rinse with luke warm water and dry with a soft clean cloth or tissue. When putting your jewellery away, to help preserve it, wipe your jewellery with a clean soft cotton cloth or polishing cloth before storing it in a plastic bag to keep it from oxidising. 

Abrasive cleaning products may damage your jewellery. Use luke-warm soapy water and a soft tooth brush if needed and then rinse the piece of jewellery with warm to cool water. A polishing cloth can be used on polished pieces of jewellery.